Meditation & Sensaria

We had a very hectic weekend so when the kids got on the school bus this morning I headed straight for the tub to soak in my yummy aromasensory products! It's incredible what a difference 20 minutes to myself can make on my overall outlook. I've been fortunate to take up yoga again too and it was reiterated to me just how important self reflection is to our whole state of being. Take the time everyday to sit - or soak :) - and just calm your mind. You're worth it! I think I might even enjoy grocery shopping today - amazing.

20 min a Day Keeps the 'Gremlins' Away!

If each parent can dedicate just 20 minutes of uninterrupted one on one time with their child(ren) EVERYDAY - tv time doesn't count! - you will immediately see better behaviour as a result. Walk with them; Cook with them; Read with them; Play a game together. With young kids, LET THEM TELL YOU what to do and how to play their game. Empower them, encourage them and have fun together and you'll all benefit.

My daughter and I spent time this past weekend doing spa treatments while my husband worked on a jigsaw puzzle with our son. It was so wonderful & I know these little steps will help to keep our family healthy.

Using Baby Oil as a tan enhancer?!?!

One of the young gals at a spa party I did in July soothed herself throughout the whole party with Sensaria's Freshing Mist on one side and Tahitian Moisture Gel on the other because she tanned/burned using BABY OIL! RUKiddingME! Sun damage destroys your skin and can definately increase your chances of skin cancer. Educate your daughters, neices and friends to use spf protection & to adopt a good, quality skin care regime early.

See the link to Sun-Kissed tanning to learn more about the safety of air brush tanning. Protect yourself from the sun, it's your fountain of youth!

Rubber Gloves will save your hands!

While it may seem obvious to some, wearing rubber gloves while doing household chores is an amazing way to keep your hands healthy. You can buy them cheap & in bulk. Keep them with your cleaning supplies and under your sinks but get a size that fits properly or you'll never wear them. Sensaria offers fantastic hand treatments, cuticle creme and body butters that also rehydrate and remove years from your exposed, and often abused, hands!

Throw a lemon in the garbage disposal!

It's suggested that orange (and other citrus fragrances) will lift your mood allowing you to fight the 'dulldrums' naturally. Throw a lemon rind into the garbage disposal and you'll know what I mean! Sensaria offers wonderful citrus fragrances in lotions, scrubs & cleaners.

Microdermabrasion Treatment - Only $28

Save yourself the pain and expense of this popular spa treatment by using Sensaria's microdermabrasion creme for just $28! This gentle resurfacing treatment will rejuvenate your skin by removing dead skin cells and promoting the regrowth of new ones! Say good bye to age spots, wrinkles and poor skin tone. Check out my website or email me with questions!

How do you know if your multi vitamin is effective?

I was told that the water test is the best way to find out if your multi-vitamin is effective. Drop your vitamin in a glass of water. If it doesn't dissolve within 20 minutes, you are wasting your money. Especially effective are vitamins are in a gel capsule & have to be taken twice daily.

This is what my nurse practitioner told me at my last visit and I thought it was good info. She also said diet is the best way to get your nutrients so eat, eat, eat everything that doesn't come in a package or a box :)